Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ford Motor Company unveiled the new Ford Focus Power - the first all-electric car company. CO2 emissions to zero, free petrol version of the popular Ford small car, is the flagship of the fleet of the company growing hybrid plug-in hybrid and fully electric coming from North America and the Europe in 2013.

"Power Ford Focus is the flagship of our new family of electric vehicles, our commitment to offer consumers a choice when it comes to fuel consumption or fuel-free vehicles," said Derrick Kuzak, Ford's vice president of Development Global Products. "The advanced propulsion system offers significant benefits in energy efficiency and zero CO2 emissions without compromising driving pleasure. And its suite of intelligent information technologies driver will transform the way customers think about energy consumption and their transportation needs. "

Ford Focus Electric to launch in late 2011 and is designed to provide enough range to cover most of the driving habits of Americans. It offers one mile per gallon more than the Chevrolet Volt and competitive with other battery electric vehicles.

A full download is expected to last three or four hours at 240 volts at home station payment - half-time charging Nissan Leaf.
Ford Focus Electric introduces new features and technologies - including a unique version of touch MyFord driver connect the particular system for electric vehicles, a new feature value driven cargo Microsoft Smartphone and mobile application called MyFord that allows plug-in owners control of their vehicle at a distance.