Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nice Lizard Tattoo on angkle foot
Great Lizard Tattoo in 3D effects
Black Design Lizard Tattoo on shoulder
Lizard Tattoo on Stamach
Lizard Tattoo Look nice on hip
Great Looks of Lizard tattoo on Rib
Cool Design 3D Lizard Tattoo
Twin Lizard Tattoo
Color full Lizard Tattoo
Tribal Lizard Tattoo

Lizard Tattoo Designs - Just as the lizard is able to drop its tail in order to escape danger, so the lizard totem shows us the principles of letting go and self-protection.

A popular lizard for tattoo designs in the gecko, which appears often in Polynesian tribal tattoos. The gecko is supposed to have supernatural powers, and is regarded by Polynesians with fear and awe. It is rumored that if a green gecko "laughs" at you, it's a terrible omen of illness and bad fortune.