Friday, March 22, 2013

I am sure that you saw once biomechanical tattoos and wish to learn the meaning of this trendy tattoo ideas. Biomechanical Tattoos are a kind ofrealistic, three-dimensional tattoo idea mostly used on arm, shoulder and sleeve part of body. Sleeve tattoos depict humans as a robot. It is a kind of eye trick because the skin often looks like it was peeled back to reveal what is really going on – an impossible combination of mechanics and meat. We see the human body intertwined with robotic parts. Living tissue fused with machines, cables and switches. Some say that these titanium parts represents our hidden potential.

The elaborate biomechanical tattoos are rising very fast in popularity as the blend between man and machine is becoming ever closer. A relatively new style of tattoo, which started in the late 80’s, biomechanical tattoos use some of the most cutting-edge technology in the tattoo industry.

I literally spent hours looking at hundreds of tatties, some of them are absolutely amazing. I think it’s time to get another one.