Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tribal Scorpion Tattoos

Most of the modern tattoo art we see today are said to have originated from the tribes of the Polynesian islands. The tribal designs have been both a mix of tribal heritage and modern creative ingenuity. Modern tribal tattoo art consists of abstract designs, shapes and symbols. They also include a variety of animal figures abstracted to give that tribal look.

It has been known before that tattoos serve as protection in as much as magic amulets have been known to give the wearer. Tattoos were also made as a form of solidifying a person, or even a clan's identity. Today, imbued with this rich history, many people have been immersed with the tattoo arts and have had inked themselves as part of their identity. A prominent tattoo design that exhibits a person's identity are the animal designs, one of which we will be looking at is the tribal scorpion tattoo.

One of the prevalent designs in the tribal art is the tribal scorpion tattoo. This is basically a Scorpion tattoo inspired by the tribal art. The color lines of this tattoo are generally dark and black. Some artists prefer a simple scorpion design, but others however, add the abstraction and the quirky lines that sets tribal designs at par with the others.